About Wifi Dabba

Founded in 2017, we are a team of 20 operating in Bangalore with dedicated hardware, software, operations and customer support units. Wifi Dabba's investors include YCombinator and other Silicon valley angels.

Before starting Wifi Dabba, Karam & Shubhs ran Mildly Classic for a decade, a software services company where we helped large enterprises build complex logistics software. Our systems helped critical care logistics providers transport millions of gold, jewellery and bio-materials with a 100% uptime and zero errors. We also serviced large banks in India to build offline wifi-based systems for content and application delivery. We've also delivered more than 30 mobile apps and websites helping clients of all sizes in markets ranging from local commerce to fashion and sports.

A common theme we saw across nearly 15 years of software and hardware development in India was a lack of connectivity. Over the years we've seen clients and apps fail simply due to customers not having enough access to the internet to actually consume those products. We believe this first-hand experience as well as our deep applications and operations experience make us the right team to tackle connectivity issues in emerging markets.

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Wifi Dabba timeline

Last mile partner program - WD exchange - launches

Wifi Dabba launches the WD exchange. A platform for trading data like its oil. The WD exchange brings together data traders, ISPs and end consumers to create a market that provides capital for ISPs, cheap internet access for consumers and rewards for data traders.


Partner PoP program sold out

In late 2020, we launched a partner program wherein anyone could purchase a region of the WD network - called PoPs - for $20,000 USD and in return recieve share of revenue. The program sold out in less than 3 months.


10 laser link field trials begins

We deploy 10 laser links across the city to monitor performance in the real world with real conditions. We go on to run this trial for nearly 18 months. The invaluable data these real world trials allow us to deploy the production network more efficiently and resiliantly.


First Wifi Dabba laser is deployed

Our first laser is deployed in Bangalore connecting two 10 storey residential toweres set 5km apart. We successfully beam an internet connection across the city at a cost dramatically lower than anything else available right now. This successful test gives us the confidence to start scaling out the laser network.


Development of laser backhaul begins

As we grow our network, we start to realize that the existing infrastructure of internet access in India is built on ancient techniques and practices. The industry relies on expensive underground fiber to power their core networks, as a result, the cost of internet to end consumers is extremely high due to the high capital costs of deploying underground fiber. Wifi Dabba starts to look for a way to dramatically lower the cost of core networks to benefit the end consumer.


CoLiving managed wifi services

Wifi Dabba partners with Oyo and other leading coliving providers to deliver super fast, super cheap, roaming internet to over 150 buildings and 10,000 tenants across Bangalore. Now our network is in retail as well as residential markets.


Google station deplyoment

Wifi Dabba partners with Google's next billion user initiative to deploy co-branded public wifi hotspots across Hubli, a busy tier-2 city in the south of India.



Wifi Dabba plays a key role in the creation of the Prime Minister's Wireless Access Network Interface, helping to lay the ground for a fairer internet where the redistribution and sale of data can be done by anyone.


Wifi Dabba expands to 1,000 locations

Over the course of a year, we aggressively expanded our deployment and installed hotspots across the city of Bangalore in stores, bakeries, juice shops and tea stalls.


Wifi Dabba is accepted into YCombinator

We had grown to 5 hotspots by this time and started seeing regular usage at all locations. We raised $1.2M from angel investors and funds from around the world.


In late 206, a wifi hotspot goes live at a tea stall

We installed a broadband connection and a raspberry pi serving as a wifi router. It got popular really quick. Pretty soon a ton of customers at the tea stall started using the Wifi.


Mildly classic standup meetings

Mildly classic, a software consulting company, used to have a little evening ritual where the entire team would go out for a cup of tea and a little break around 5pm every. single. day. We started noticing really quick that it would be useful to have high speed wifi at the tea stall to check on project statuses or just quickly google a fun topic everyone's talking about.