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The Network

Not enough people have access to broadband internet. Wifi Dabba's mission is to fix that. We're starting in our hometown and our goal is nothing short of providing every single citizen of this city access to the fastest, cheapest and most reliable internet service ever.

The existing system is broken.

  1. Low speeds

    25mbps is the average broadband speed. We can do far better.

  2. High prices

    98% of mobile data plans are prepaid, why aren't broadband plans?

  3. Poor availability

    The poorer you are, the less available broadband is to you.

Less than 7% of India has broadband access

Shop Image
Can't accept payments because of poor mobile signals.
Office Image
Can't get fast or affordable connections for the whole staff.
Education Image
Can't get stable and responsive connections to actually learn.
Gamer Image
Lose matches because of high latency.
Streamer Image
Upload speeds are capped and make it really expensive to stream.
Under represented Image
Don't even know that broadband is available to them.
Manage Wifi Problems
Manage Wifi Problems
Manage Wifi Problems
Manage Wifi Problems
Manage Wifi Problems
Manage Wifi Problems
Manage Wifi Problems

We know these problems because we manage a large network already.

  • 1,000 public wifi hotspots
  • 100s of residential complexes
  • Google station partnership
  • WANI standard partner
common issues we face daily

Wifi Dabba network

We manage thousands of connections ranging from homes and offices to large complexes.

Our bills vary wildly

Prices are 5x lower in the center of the city than they are at the periphery.

Speeds are abysmal

The true speed delivered is never what was promised by the ISP.

Unfair data caps

Data is arbitrarily capped by the ISPs and you have to pay much more to get, well... not much at all.

Bad service

More like lip service. Cables get cut often and fixed after much delay.

Legacy infrastructure

You don't get APIs, firewall control, Public IPs or anything else really.

The problem lies underground.

Broadband Problem
Broadband Problem
Broadband Problem

The broadband industry is literally digging itself into a deeper hole.

The core undeground network that powers ISPs worldwide involves expensive, time-consuming and heavily regulated digging of tunnels to lay optical fiber cables beneath the surface.



To lay fiber for a city


3 years

To dig and lay trenches



Licenses, rules and requirements

90% of your bill is digging costs.
2. The solution from outer space