PoP or Point Of Presence

A square on the laser grid is called a Point of Presence or POP

Population Density

18,000 potential customers per POP

  • 12gb per month current 4g usage
  • Dense mix of residential, office & commercial
  • Latent demand for accepting payments, working from home, gaming and shopping
Fiber To Premise

Fiber to the premises

  • Overhead optical fiber to the end customer
  • GPON future proof
  • Installation within hours
Chaiwallah Shops

We've done this 1,000 times before

  • Wifi Dabba public wifi hotspots
  • We also manage thousands of hotspots in large residential complexes
  • Wifi Dabba was a key partner in Google station
Customer Experience

Resulting in a great customer experience

  • Gigabit upload and download
  • Prepaid or postpaid access
  • No data caps