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300M tokens - Fair launch, 100% tokens for retail investors.
tokens available
$0.013/token at launch
$0.0067/token (50% discount)
Tokens will be delivered to your wallet at sale launch on March 1, 2022

2. Billing information

You will login to the dashboard to monitor your hotspots using this email address, please enter a valid email address.
We need your wallet address so we can confirm your ETH transfer in the next step.

3. Risk disclosure

a. Wifi Dabba is attempting to deliver low cost internet access using novel and disruptive technologies in a low margin, high volume emerging market.
b. Wifi Dabba endeavours to execute its duties on a best effort basis, however, in any competitive technology business, there exists a risk of failure.
c. In the event of a cease of operations or shutdown, Wifi Dabba may not be able to provide or guarantee liquidity for any outstanding amount.

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